Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Ejdallim Witches

A wedding photographer in New Orleans, attempting to capture an aerial shot of the entire congregation, noticed something odd in the background of the picture and zoomed in...
Who - or what - were those hooded figures?

Almost Charlotte

This cross spider had spun its web on our glass front door (of all places). It was there for several weeks, catching insects and surprising visitors. We almost miss it now that it is gone again.
I like the "Tarantula" look of this picture, where the spider seems to be gigantic, looming above the house...

The web was still there for quite some time after, and one morning, we saw its outline captured in the morning rime. Beautiful, though soooo hard to capture in a picture.
I just have to add this Youtube video with a hauntingly beautiful song and the most loveable spider in movie history.

Annabell Lee